Having PPD does not mean you want to hurt your baby

…but that is something most moms mention when they call me or the Postpartum Support International Warm-line (1-800-944-4773).

“I think I may have postpartum depression, but I don’t want to hurt my baby.”

Okay.  No worries.  You absolutely can have postpartum (or during pregnancy) depression or anxiety without having thoughts of hurting yourself or your baby.

Somehow, in getting the message out about the existence of “PPD” or perinatal mood/anxiety disorders out, the waters have been muddied by the few high profile cases that usually involve postpartum psychosis.  Or by bad portrayals of “PPD” on popular television shows, where a mother is shown as dangerous and unpredictable (possibly psychotic) yet labeled as having “postpartum depression.”  Well, who in their right mind wants to be identified as being like …that!!? [9/12/10 “that!!?” meaning the tv version, well over the top, and generally inaccurate.]

There are many symptoms of antenatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.  You can have a couple of symptoms, or a bunch of them, and they don’t have to include thoughts of harm coming to your loved one.  Check our “About PPD” tab for more information.

Where do you think this idea comes from?

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