She did NOT just say that!

I’ve been an active member of various PPD bulletin boards/discussion forums since 2001. I’ve seen a lot, as you might imagine.  Last night someone posted something that I have been chewing on since.  There have been times when the things women have posted have been on my mind overnight.  But not like this.  What did she say?  –in a “room” full of women in the difficult throes of early PPD treatment, mind you, where guilt and feeling like the worst mother around reigns, she said:

Exercise by itself has been proven to prevent 75% of PPD. Vitamin D has proven more efficient than any antidepressant – without the side effects of premature delivery, preeclampsia, or having a child with obesity..

Oh, yes, she did.  She has no clue that most everyone there will have tried a gazillion things to get over “this” before they showed up on a PPD board.  A gazillion things that didn’t work.

Not only did she not provide any research links backing her statements (oh…because there aren’t any), her whole tone came across as “you could have prevented this if only you had exercised or taken Vitamin D.”  And, miracle of miracles, Vitamin D (taken by mom) will prevent childhood obesity.  Wow!!  Really?

In all fairness, it’s been rare that this kind of post has shown up.  But, rare or not, it’s a bit like throwing a skunk into the middle of a dog show.  Dog show?  Yeah, other four-legged creatures.  But only one of the creatures in the crowd stinks.  In real life though?  People offer this kind of “advice”…regularly.

To find out more regarding PPD and its treatment just click on About PPD up top.

Phew!  Got that off my chest.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of the PPD experience directly yourself, it’s best to keep your comments to yourself.  But if you’re a PPD survivor, please share!  What kind of comments have you heard?

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