State of Hawaii Department of Health PPD Facts Sheet

A report from 2008 quotes one of the participants, saying,

“OB doctors/nurses should tell women that they may become depressed after they give birth.  Then they should tell them what to do if this should happen.”

Hawaii DoH–PPD Facts Sheet (2008) **see updated publication below.

We couldn’t agree more!

Sadly, the result showing the highest shared characteristic of the women participating in the study percentage was for intimate partner violence during pregnancy, at 37.8%.  More than a third of all pregnant women were hit, beaten, pushed, slapped.  This is shocking.  The American Psychiatric Association says that 25% of women have been physically assaulted or raped by their partners, during their lifetimes. So 13% more, during the short nine months of pregnancy?  Another big surprise is that 26.8% said they had used illicit drugs during their pregnancy,  24.5% had smoked during their last trimester.  More use of drugs than smoking?

At any rate, there’s the information for Hawaii, including that ~3000 new mothers a year likely experience a Perinatal Mood/Anxiety Disorder (aka PPD) here.

Are you surprised too?  Share your thoughts.



No sooner did I post this (well, plus about 24 hours) than I see an StarAdvertiser article posted by Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii, on their Facebook Page with a new publication regarding Hawaii’s mothers and their birth circumstance statistics.  Turns out that 37% thing with domestic violence is a waaaaaay different figure.  In this publication, covering some of the same years as the above linked one, the rate is a lowly 6% overall, and about 14% for the mothers < age 20.

Here is the publication. Maybe one of you can explain the differences in stats between the two.  Or I could email them and ask about it.  I’ll share if I do.

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