There is No PPD w/ocd in Hawaii…

…okay, well, I mean there IS, but you rarely, if ever, hear someone refer to it.

A mom called me recently and said she’d been diagnosed with PP ocd.  I was surprised, to say the least.  “Really?  PPD w/ocd?  Were you diagnosed in Hawaii?” Well, no, it turns out she had talked to someone on the mainland.

I know what it is.  I lived it.  I’d learned about PPD w/ocd (PP ocd) on national discussion boards, when I logged on to a Postpartum Depression board in 2001.  It was all very hush hush at the time.  Shameful even.  –the nature of the obsessions (thoughts) from ocd is generally harmful/scary. It’s as if one’s mama bear protection instinct is on overdrive, and throwing up these thoughts/images of all the things a new mom has to look out for, to protect their little one.  The “what if’s” playing out in worst case scenario. …you’re prepping dinner, cutting up chicken… “What if….?”

Not generally something you want to talk about over lunch with your new mommy friends, or even bring up with your own doctor.

The awareness of PPD w/ocd has gotten better, but still isn’t well-known in Hawaii.  To find out more, Get the Facts here.  Print out some information and take it with you to your doctor.  The condition is very treatable, and it doesn’t mean you want to hurt anyone.

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