Summer 2019 Support Group

The support group has been going consistently again since summer 2017. Overall it’s been weekly since 2004!

It is peer support group style–everyone has or had a form of “PPD” whether it’s depression, anxiety, panic, scary thoughts; scary birth, feeding difficulties, ongoing pain… we talk about it. Usually moms/parents leave their first group meeting feeling so much better! Connected, not alone, heard, seen… It’s such a relief having face-to-face time with women who share feelings similar to yours, to realize you’re not “crazy” and to hear that this IS very treatable.

Currently the group is at topped out with eight mothers. At most we’ll have 10–if a space can be found with good seating possibilities and free of cost, we can have 10. Right now though, 8 is the limit. Call to get on the waiting list. 392-7985

Tuesdays, 6:30-8 p.m. location shared during a call before your first group meeting.

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