What parents who have used our services have said about us:

“Diane knew exactly what I was talking about, which put me at ease right away.  It was the first time since being diagnosed that I felt really understood.” –MB

“It felt good to talk with someone who understood what I was talking about and not judged or made to feel like I was crazy.”  –name withheld

“Diane is the most wonderful counselor/friend anyone could ask for! She really helped me through some rough times from 2004- a portion of 2006. She [was available to]  talked to me at night and early mornings to help me through my anxiety. I would recommend her to any and everyone experiencing PPD, or any type of motherly issue at that! ”  –CG (Now CB)

“PPD Support Hawaii has given me a great resource of other moms to bond with, get support from and overall just feel like I belonged when I felt so estranged, even from myself. I would recommend the group to any mom in need of support or friendship.”  –A

“With her helpful listening skills and sense of humor, Diane operates the PPD hotline — you can call her with PPD-related questions. She facilitates a weekly support group where women can share their stories and talk face-to-face. She is a font of information and resources about PPD and works to educate our community about this often misunderstood condition.” –KM

“I [initially] was very unsure about the group.  Diane was friendly and professional.  Since she came referred from Queen’s Medical, I thought I would give the group a try.” –KP

“It helped having [you] touch base with me especially during the first two weeks and reminding me that I could call if I needed to.  I think the fact that you said I could call you, made it seem like you really didn’t mind me calling you if I was having a rough day…  and it was genuine.  Thanks again.”  –MK

“A huge part of my recovery has come from attending the group. It’s nice to meet up with other Moms who understand what I’m talking about, and what I’ve been through.    ……… I found out about the support group on-line and I called right away. Everyone in the group is very supportive and non-judgmental. ” –Wendi

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